The office is based in Kensington area, West London and it is spread over two floors with high front windows. The client is an estate agency- Domus Nova. We go there every day for two hours per visit. Thus we manage to keep it nice and clean for their clients and staff.


The reception is the face of the company and first point of contact for the customers. Therefore we have to make sure we keep it as clean as possible.
As the front windows are quite high as well as the front glass door, it is quite difficult to keep them crystal clean all the time.

Customer service area

We have to make sure all desks, chairs and floors are clean and tidy so when the staff come in the morning they are happy to work there. Sometimes it is difficult to clean everything especially when it gets busy and many clients come in. Then the floors get quite dirty and need special attention.

Back of house – kitchen and toilets

What happens normally is that these areas get slightly ignored at the expense of the front office. That is why we aim to keep them as clean as possible so the staff can enjoy their lunch or break. On the other hand they sometimes leave a lot of dirty mugs and plates in the sink but our cleaner always help them with that.