The property is located in Bethnal Green, East London. One of the local estate agencies- Blake Stanley booked us in for professional carpet cleaning for one of their portfolio properties. The tenants had arranged the End of Tenancy cleaning by themselves but they forgot to clean the carpets so that was why the estate agent called us. We picked up the keys from Blake Stanley which was very convenient and efficient without having to wait for someone to let us in or worry about exact starting time. The condition of the carpet was quite bad- although it looked fairly new, it was quite stained and worn out, particularly the high traffic areas such as entrance hallway, staircase and living room.

Entrance Hallway

It was obvious that the occupants were walking inside with their shoes as not only the entrance area was heavily stained but the inside of the hallway too. There was even a chewing gum on the carpet which we tried to remove as much as possible without damaging the fabric of the carpet. We must admit that the majority of the stains disappeared however some permanent ones were still slightly visible.


Regarding the stains it was not too bad however there were some visible traces of being worn out particularly by the edges of the treads. In that situation there was not much we could have done but to clean and refresh the staircase carpet. It definitely looked better however the worn out areas remained still noticeable.

Living room

Good furniture gets a great deal of use over time, and that means stains, dirt and dust, unpleasant smells, and general wear and tear as you can see in the picture. The armchair was completely black but after we steam cleaned it became pure white.