The property is located in the City of London. We were booked directly by the tenants but we had to get the keys from the estate agency nearby. When we got there it turned out to be a shared flat with having no regular cleaning throughout their tenancy. It comprised of three bedrooms, two bathrooms on two levels. So the property was in a very bad state and particularly – the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Initially our team started from the top floor with the three bedrooms and bathrooms and gradually moved downstairs to the kitchen.
During the cleaning our team faced an obstacle with the electricity in the property. As the meter was on top up vouchers, we had to top it up from the nearest off license shop.
Also it was full of personal belongings and that is why we had to spend extra time to check what to do with them- to keep or dispose them.
After overcoming all these unexpected obstacles, our team managed to bring the property to the usual Mel Cleaning high standard.


The bathroom was full of limescale. Firstly we had to extract all the water out of the bowl, spray the limescale with heavy-duty limescale remover and wait for about 15 min and then scrub it all over.


The oven was heavily greased as well as the extractor fan and the hobs. It was obvious that these appliances were heavily used without caring about them. Therefore we had to spray them with cleaning specialist degreaser for about 20 min and then scrub them thoroughly. Also we had to dismantle the oven door in order to clean the glass part from the inside and the door corners.

Fridge /Freezer

The fridge was full of rotten food and although we had to put up with the terrible smell, our team cleaned and disinfected it thoroughly.
The freezer was heavily frozen and therefore it took extra time to defreeze it and wipe down all the icy water from it.