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Vacuum Cleaner Tips – Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning Your London Property‎

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s domestic and office cleaning London services!

Read Mel Cleaning’s tips on how to maintain your vacuum cleaner as our professionals do it to be always reliable for our tenancy cleaning and steam cleaning London carpet services.


Proper maintenance of your vacuum cleaner saves you time, unnecessary work and energy, while at the same time making your floor sparkle after cleaning. If you want to increase the life of your vacuums motors keep the vacuum cleaner suction system void of ruble. This way you save yourself work and money on parts. All you need is a simple inspection once a month, which will increase your vacuum cleaner’s efficiency.


The first thing you need to inspect is the cord. Make sure the vacuums’ cord connection is tightly secured to the body of the vacuum, also check for any kinks or cracks. A twisted and cracked cord can be a lot of trouble for you and the people around you. If there is an exposed wire due to a crack in the cord, make sure to replace it immediately.   


Next on list should be the filtration of the cleaning system. Check the filter bag system for any blockages, especially in the exhaust port and suction tube. If your vacuum is the type with internal filters, make sure to check for filter blockage. If such exist, replace the filters. Some vacuums use clips which hold the filter in place. In this case check the clips for cracks or bending, and of need arises, replace them.


After this proper inspection of the filter compartment, move on to the inside of your vacuum. Expose the suction area and beater bar, after laying the vacuum cleaner on the ground. Be sure to check the intake suction tube for blockage, which can cause strain in the belt of the vacuum, leading to a early burning out of the motor. There is a possibility that there might be some cotton or fibers wrapped around the beater bar. In this case, using scissors cut it out carefully, without damaging the bar bristles. While spinning the beater bar, try listening for squeaks and possible grinding coming from the bearings of the beater bar. There should be a smooth rolling with a slight resistance coming from the belt. If there is none, you need a professional opinion from a technician.


The last inspection is aimed at the outer shell of the vacuum. See for possible protruding and cracks and try rolling the vacuum if it’s moving properly. If everything is alright, then your vacuum is good to go at least for another month. These regular check-ups will greatly reduce your costs.


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