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Steam Cleaning in London


We all dislike the annoyance we feel when the time comes for cleaning. Maintaining hygiene at home is not only an unavoidable daily chore, it’s also a vital necessity, especially for all busy people in London city.

Professional steam cleaning in London gained a great deal of popularity during the last few years, for various reasons – starting with health issues and ending with finance. When steam makes contact with different surfaces, it not only cleans, but disinfects as well. Steam has the capability of reaching places and cracks that cleaning solutions can’t. That result is the complete elimination of germs, bacteria, allergies, mold and mildew. Therefore the professional steam cleaning service Mel Cleaning can offer start from carpet and upholstery steam cleaning through oven steam cleaning, bathroom steam cleaning  and end with mattress steam cleaning

Unlike cleaning chemicals and solutions, steam leaves no debris, which is often harmful to the treated surfaces and tends to attract new dirt. Steam cleaners leave no traces, because they use only clean water, heated to 161 ˚C.

We provide full range of professional steam cleaning services in London area for your entire home and office – full sweep of all premises and rooms as well as household and office appliances.

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