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Cigarette Odour Needs Spring Cleaning Service

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s domestic cleaning London services!

Our company (Mel Cleaning) is always focused on the client and how to help you to maintain your home properly clean. Here are some useful tips for removing cigarette odour after your event ended and all the guests had left. Still, for perfect cleaning, we recommend to check our spring and event cleaning offers and services in London.


Here are our tips advises on the topic:


Removing the unpleasant cigarette odour is a difficult task. It can permeate the furniture, carpet, curtains, and even the walls of your home. Not to mention the hazardous affect it has on your health. Also it is dangerous to all of your family members and pets. Simply follow our simple steps in order to eliminate cigar, cigarette, and pipe smoke odour from your house.



Air out the house

Let fresh air in by opening the windows and removing the smoke odour from the house. To create cross ventilation make sure to open the windows on opposite sites. Once your star the cleaning process, don’t allow ever again for anyone to smoke inside your home, or you will have to start all over again.



Remove all ashes and Butts from cigarettes

Throw out the all the ash trays, mop and vacuum the floor. In other words, do a spring cleaning around the entire house.



Launder the furniture

There is not something that can’t be washed in the washing machine, such as bedding, drapes, sofa, clothing, covers, ot dinner linens. Wash them the hot water as the fabric allows it and also add a cup on vinegar in the laundry in order to remove the odour. Dry the materials outside to completely remove the smell. After that dry clean everything.



Put Air Filters

Put or change (depending if you already have such) the air filters. You can add some fragrance to the air ducts to help remove all traces of the cigarette odour. There is also the possibility to have them professionally cleaned.



Clean the Ceileing, Walls, and Cabinets

Use a mix of vinegar, soap and some water, after which scrub the baseboards, walls, cabinets, ceiling, light fixtures, top of the cabinets, brick, hard furniture, as well as any other type of furniture.



Steam Cleaning

Use a steam cleaner, if you don’t own one, you can always use a rental. With it’s help you can clean the upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains. Don’t rush and take your time to properly clean all corners and edges.




If it’s still difficult, or even impossible to completely remove the odour, then you might just have to repaint all the hard surfaces, this including the ceiling as well.

Another option for you if you can’t remove the smell from the cigarettes is to simply replace all of the affected furniture – drapes and carpets.


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