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Protect Your Child – Regular Weekly Deep Cleaning

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s domestic cleaners London services!

When you have a baby or a young child at home, you realize your house is a lot messier than it used to be.

Mel Cleaning experts recommend for your children’s safety to do a regular weekly cleaning of your home or use our deep cleaning services in London areas.


You need home cleaning! Every time the little ones put a dust bunny or a desiccated fly in their mouth, it kind of gives you low pointing in parenting. Before you freak out and start scrubbing every surface in sight, consider first that the usage of household cleaners has a lot of drawbacks. More harsh products can affect your child’s skin, airways and eyes.


But just by making simple changes, you can keep your house clean without exposing your child to any risks. Problems with household cleaners. Household cleaners might kill germs and bacteria, but they can affect children’s safety in numerous ways:




  • All children’s skin, especially babies, is sensitive, and according to numerous studies, allergens and irritants in household detergents and cleaners, can cause severe skin irritation.


Airway irritation

  • The powerful fumes, coming from household cleaners, can irritate your child’s airways, even worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. In schools, some cleaning chemicals have been known to cause higher rates of asthma.


Eye irritation

  • Redness, watering and irritation from the household cleaners fumes can affect your child’s eyes. Serious damage can be done if splashed directly into the eyes.



  • Some researchers have created the “hygiene hypothesis” – a too clean home can increase the long-term allergies in your child. According to this hypothesis, without exposure to certain types of germs, children’s immune system might not develop properly. On the contrary, the child becomes hypersensitive and even reacts to some simple harmless allergens, like dander or pollen.



  • Over a million kids each year over the world under age 5 swallow household cleaning products, and a lot of them have devastating effects.



Tips for Child-Safe Cleaning


Keeping your child healthy and your home clean doesn’t necessarily mean you have to scrub every doorknob that comes your way. Here are a few helpful tips:


Safer household cleaners

  • According to experts, when choosing household cleaners, you need to choose products which are less caustic and at the same time friendlier to the environment and your child’s body. When reading the labels, look for the words “green”, “nontoxic”, biodegradable”, “petroleum-free”, etc.


Sometimes less is more

  • A lot of the household cleaners can be diluted with water and have a striking cleaning affect. Diluting your cleaner is a safe way to make it less harsh and healthier for your child.


No antibacterial soap

  • Plain old soap is a lot more useful when it comes to getting rid of the germs, despite the ever so popular antibacterial soap.  It not only contains a lot of unnecessary chemicals, but it may create a stronger, resistant bacteria.


Avoid spay-on carpet cleaners

  • A lot of the chemicals, used in those carpet cleaners, contain ingredients, which can become trapped on a carpet. To protect your child, steam clean the carpet with water and no detergent.


 Stop dirt from getting in the house

  • Be sure to always wipe your feet as you enter the house – this way you’ll keep dirt from your home, as well as other contaminants. Best solution is to take off your shoes as you step inside the house. 


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