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Removing And Cleaning Fridge Odour

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s professional cleaning London services!

Your favourite and usually delicious sushi went south about a month ago, or you forgot the crab feast you had last week at the back of the fridge, Mel Cleaning will provide you with some extremely helpful tips and cleaning services to remove oven and fridge odour. We hope our tips or our qualified cleaners will get you rid of the smell and dirt in the kitchen.


Clean up anything you can, throw away everything else.

Wipe any furry and disturbing growths or spilled milk and juices. Toss away the offending items, if you still haven’t.



Take everything that is inside, outside.

As you remove everything be sure to examine it carefully, even if you already know which one of the products is the smelly culprit. Toss everything that’s gone south and keep only what’s edible. 

Use a mixture of hand-dishwashing detergent and water to properly clean the door and shelves. With the help of a sponge and clean water remove any cleaner left. Dry it with paper towel or clean cloth.



Fill some bowls with activated charcoal or coffee grounds.

Charcoal and coffee grains are ideal substitutes for deodorizers. Place said ingredients in clean bowls and put them in the fridge.


Another option is to use newspapers to stuff the shelves of the refrigerator. They are another type of inexpensive deodorant.



Leave the smell remover for 72 hours.

Yes, that’s exactly what it means – do not! open the door for full 3 days! In cases like this it’s helpful to have an ice chest lying around.



Preventing future odours

The most important thing you need to know is to always wipe up immediately the spills in order to keep the bacteria from growing. The spilled areas need to be washed with soapy warm water. Use one teaspoon of bleach a one quarter of water to sanitize.


Do a thorough cleaning  at least once a week. Check the products’ expiration dates and examine the contents of all appliances. Toss away the items with an expired date. Rotate the condiments and food in a way that the oldest product, such as milk, is front and center. 


Do a deep cleaning once a month. The first thing you need to do is unplug the fridge for safety reasons. Mix a quart of water with four teaspoons of baking soda. Wash the interior surfaces a clean, soft cloth. Don’t pass the walls, drawers, top and bottom. Pay more attention to the crevices and corners. Finally, use warm water to rinse. Dry it using clean, soft cloth. 


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