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Right Products For One-off Deep Cleaning

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s Domestic and office cleaning London services!

A sparkling London home – this is what every home owner wants and the cleaning companies know it. They try to promote their products as much as they can and offer alluring cleaning packages and one off deep cleaning services. But appearance isn’t everything. What we really want to know is if the cleaning product actually works, and what is more important, if it is capable of removing the harmful things which are invisible to the human eye.


Let’s be honest, no cleaning company is going to tell you honestly if their product works or not. This is why you need to use a bit of your deduction skills in order to determine how effective a certain product is. Bellow we will give you a few considerations to have in mind when choosing a cleaning product.


Cleaning Effectiveness


It’s quite obvious when the cleaning product is not effectively removing visible dirt. However a lot of these cleaners leave behind chemical or other type of residue, which attracts bacteria and dirt right back to the just cleaned spot. This is why when you select your next cleaning product; make sure it does not leave much residue behind.


To know for sure, do a simple experiment: try the cleaner on a clear pane of glass. If it leaves behind a haze when you follow the instructions of the manufacturer, then it also leaves residue.


The proper use of the cleaning products is essential when protecting your family and loved ones from germs. Carefully follow the label instructions. Quite often the solution needs to sit for a certain amount of time on the surface in order to kill the bacteria and germs. Also, consider the possibility that the cleaning product is not even reaching eh bacteria and viruses you want to remove. Bacteria are capable of forming protective biofilms, which is a protective, slimy coating created by bacteria colonies. These biofilms help the bacteria survive even long term exposure to most disinfectants.   


The secret to overcoming said biofilm is with the help of abrasive action or agitation, or simply put a lot of scrubbing. This is where microfiber clothes come in. Their texture is quite aggressive, and their surface can both trap and attract germs and dirt. This is the reason toilet bowl brushes can clean any commode. They can break up or even remove the biofilm, so when applying the disinfectant, the germs are killed.


On other hand, simply because a cleaning product is not a sanitizer or a disinfectant does not necessary mean it’s not effective when removing germs. Moist environments and organic matter are ideal for the thriving of germs. Which is why when you remove moisture and dirt from the surface, you also remove the bacteria, as well as its food source. That way you prevent it from returning.  

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