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Deep Cleaning Products For Your Kitchen And Home

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s London domestic cleaning services! Today we will continue our topic from previous post! It is how to chose the right cleaning product for your London home and kitchen deep cleaning


Ease of Use

Sure, you can always scrub a surface as harder as you can, this way removing germs and dirt, but what’s the point even using a cleaner when it doesn’t make the cleaning process easier? This is way you need to take into consideration whether the product make cleaning easier for you, or on the contrary – more bothersome.



Durability is especially important when you consider the more major cleaning appliances, like for example vacuums, steamers, as well as carpet cleaners. Although it is still quite inconvenient even if a mere spray bottle breaks. Before buying the product, it’s best to check for flimsy parts which may be prone to breakage.


Also, don’t forget to check at the warranty of the manufacturer, so you can ensure that in case of breakage, the product can be replaced or repaired without the need of additional cost. And remember to check exactly how long the product is designed to last.



It’s true that most of us value a healthy, clean home, but we don’t have the money to spend so freely on cleaning products. A way to save some finances is the use of concentrated products which can be diluted. These products often enable you to clean without much solution, lower packaging and transportation costs, and expenses.


Also, you can buy products which can be refilled afterwards in a cheap way, such as reusing your spray bottle and refilling it from a larger container.  You can always use less product, which will help you stretch you cleaning money, it will also reduce residues, and be way easier on your home and the environment. If you want to use less solution then don’t spray on the surface, but simply apply it directly and sparingly to the piece of cloth, after which wipe.  



Despite the alluring thought of the sparkle, the important question is does it actually clean? Consider carefully the discussed above principles in order to properly evaluate a product objectivity and see if it actually removes unwanted matter, as well as meeting some of your other practical criteria. Follow our advises and your home will not only be sparkling, but it will also be way more healthier  – which is the desired goal when cleaning your home.


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