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Ironing Tips From Trained And Reviewed Domestic Cleaners

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s domestic and office cleaning in London services!


We can give you the best ironing tips but if you need us to do the ironing read the domestic cleaning London reviews for our vetted and trained cleaners.

Now, here are our useful tips:

Most of us do not enjoy ironing our clothes, but unfortunately it is an unavoidable chore. The thing most people do not understand is that this reluctance of ironing is caused mainly caused by the failure to understand how it’s properly done. The process of ironing would be a lot easier to understand once you’ve learned a few proper steps.


Before you start ironing, be sure to plug the iron in, adjust the settings and allow it to preheat. The iron is ready once it’s so hot, that it sizzles when you spray water on it. The tag on your garment will provide you with information on how to properly handle the material. There are some clothes that should not be ironed. Others’ heat tolerance is very low, so you need to adjust the settings. For linen and cotton, use high heat. When ironing wool and cotton mixes, use a minimum level of heat. Fabrics like nylon, silk and polyester and ironed on a low setting. When using a steam iron, always put the proper amount of water.


When the actual ironing begins, make sure to properly stretch the garment across the ironing board. This way you won’t need to re-iron any wrinkles. During ironing, make sure you iron with even, smooth strokes. Don’t stop moving the iron, or there is a chance you might burn the clothing.


Shirt ironing

  • Start with ironing the collar first. Across the surface of the board stretch the garment. To make sure the collar is correctly pressed, run the iron over it several times. Handle the front of the collar after turning it over.
  • Next are the sleeves. Move from the back to the front of the sleeves. Start with the stretching of the larger part of the sleeves across the ironing board. After that move around the back side of the sleeves. Next stretch the lower back of the sleeves across the ironing board. Move towards the cuffs. After flipping the shirt, do the front next with short and careful strokes.
  • After ironing, hang the shirt. Always button the top and center buttons.

Dress ironing

  • Stretch the skirt portion of the dress across the board. In case you are working with pleats, iron from the bottom towards the top. Use fast, strong strokes.
  • If it’s not possible to stretch the dress across the ironing board, try to smooth it as much as possible across the flat, large surface of the board. Start with the back side and work your way through the front.
  • After ironing, hang the dress. As the garment is prone to wrinkling a few hours after ironing, try not the wear it for a while.

Pants ironing

  • First turn the pants inside out. Start with the top and iron the circumference of the waistband, after which move towards the pockets. Iron both sides of the pockets. Next are the fly, the seams of the pants and the hems.
  • Turn the pants to the correct side. Be sure to hook the waistline around the arrow shaped top of the board.
  • Parallel to the board put the pants legs, so both of them are pointing to the same direction. Iron the legs, but without damaging the current crease.
  • Lastly, iron the cuffs and hang the pants.

Ironing is a delicate and not such an easy process. The heat produced by the iron is so much, that if you are not sure on the proper ironing techniques, be sure to educate yourself. For some it takes time, but once you get the hand of it, it saves you a lot of time.


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