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Vacuum Cleaners – Housekeeping And Steam Cleaning Tips

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s carpet cleaning London services!

Mel Cleaning is offering tips on cleaning with your vacuum cleaner. Trust our experience from professional steam cleaning and housekeeping service in London. 


Which type of vacuum cleaner is most suitable for you?


When it comes to types of vacuum cleaners each and everyone has its own specifics. Residential vacuums are usually a bit pricey and have a very light weight. Commercial vacuums have two forms :


  • Upright vacuum cleaner
  • Back pack vacuum cleaner


In the floor maintenance business the personal usually uses a wet dry vacuum which is extremely helpful when it comes to removing water and old stripper from refinished floors. For renovations and construction cleanup the best choice is the commercial heavy duty vacuum.



Residential vacuum cleaners


Besides their high price, another characteristic about them is their life expectancy – up to five years. These types of vacuum cleaners have a plastic body and motor which operates the vacuum motor and drives the brush. Here the cord does not have ground fault plug and unlike commercial vacuums the overall unit is smaller. The most known brands of residential cleaners are Eureka and Hoover.


There are both filter and non filter bag cyclonic models and have the capability to be used up to 5 times a week for 5 years.



Commercial vacuum cleaners


The most common material used for the body for this type of vacuums is metal or plastic. The commercial vacuum is significantly more resistant than residential vacuum cleaner. The cords are longer and have a ground fault protector.


To make sure your vacuum cleaner has a ground fault protector is to check if it has three prongs at the end of the plug. If it does, it will ensure the safety of the vacuum cleaner operator just in case the cord is severed. Unlike residential vacuum cleaners, the commercial ones use two motors – one for the brush and one for the vacuum itself.



Upright vacuum cleaners


There are two types:


  • Residential models
  • Commercial models


With the upright vacuums there is a base, containing the motors and the beater brush. The filter bag is enclosed in the bag or box.  There are many features included along with the upright vacuums: brush height control, front lights,   on board hose and attachments as well as a variety of power models. The upright vacuum cleaner is best for small stairways and flat open areas.  



Back pack vacuums


Most often they are made of a canister which is attached to a wand with a long hose and a harness. The canister is on the back and made from light materials such as resin compounds or plastic. At the two ends of the canister there is a motor and a filter bag. The house and the top of the vacuum are connected and could be fitted with attachments for a variety of cleaning jobs. Back pack vacuum cleaners are best for large stairways and large to reach places.



Wet dry vacuum cleaners


This vacuum cleaner is ideal for commercial and residential use. Their price varies and the vacuums are fitted with under powered motors or even seals, which tend to degrade over time. Their life expectancy is usually 3 years, depending on their usage.


The commercial wet dry vacuum cleaners are made mainly for floor maintenance or construction cleanup. They come with heave duty motors and a life expectancy of at least 10 years.


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