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Ironing Mistakes From The Household Cleaning Company

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s ironing services in London!

Read Mel Cleaning’s ironing tips, the expert in flat and apartment household cleaning services company in London. Learn more about our cheap cleaning program and here are our tips, what ironing mistakes to avoid.


We all know ironing clothes can be tricky. With the variety of fabrics, tucks, pleats, and seams, even the best housekeeper can get a headache. Mel Cleaning will help you learn the most common 7 mistakes people make when ironing and how to avoid them:

  • Letting your clothes over-dry

Clothes are most difficult to dry when they are fully dried or overly dried, because they are extremely difficult to reshape. Try to avoid that and remove them when they are still damp.

  • Overfill the dryer

You may think that stuffing the dryer with as many clothes as possible will save you some precious time, but it’s the opposite – this will only lengthen the time. The average dryer needs to be only ½ full in order to provide full freedom for the movement of the clothing. Too much clothes all at once, will create terrible wrinkles which would be very hard to iron.

  • Forgetting to shake and smooth

You frequently forget your clothes in the basket and neglect the ironing. Take some time to shake and reshape the garments. Your clothing will still need some ironing, but the process would be a lot smoother.

  • Forgetting to use the sprayer

Most of the modern irons come with a build in sprayer to dampen the clothes. If that’s not the case with your iron, purchase an empty spray bottle. When you are ready to start ironing, dampen the clothing. If you don’t use the sprayer, then the ironing process is much more difficult and in certain cases even impossible.

  • The usage of hard water

Depending on the type of water you have, in certain cases it is fine to use tap water. With hard water there is usually a big chance of damaging your iron. If the instructions on your iron are not clear enough, don’t risk it and use distilled water.

  • Improper usage of sizers and starches

They are a great ironing tool, but not when used improperly. Spray them on the garment and let them penetrate the fabric first before ironing. This will keep the iron from building-up any product residue, as well as soleplate.

  • Ironing of the heavyweight fabrics first

When you have a big laundry pile build up, do the synthetic, lightest silk and delicate fabrics first. And don’t forget to use lower temperatures. After that you can proceed with the cotton, wools and linens.


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