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Floor Cleaning Tips And Services

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s carpet cleaning services in London!

We at Mel Cleaning are trying to offer cleaning tips and floor cleaning services in London area with our vetted and trained cleaners. Our blog’s goal is to help potential clients deal with cleaning issues first alone and then help them with our London house cleaners service, if needed


Concrete Floors

Concrete tends to soak up stains very quickly. To save time for cleaning, the best option is to seal the cement floor with a commercial sealer and avoid a lot of cleaning.


  • When the floor is unsealed, just sweep the loose surface dirt, and wash it using a strong all-purpose cleaning solution.
  • Cleaning your London garage floor is a challenge. Oily and greasy stains are easily soaked up, piles of litter tend to gather. But as not so many people spend their days in the garage, you don’t need to clean so often. It may sound weird, but if you spread some kitty litter it will be very useful for absorbing grease and oil. To avoid leaves and dirt piling up in the garage, simply close the garage door.


Flagstone and slate floors

These are natural-stone flooring materials which have a lot in common. Both have porous, rough surfaces.

  • Don’t use varnish or lacquer when sealing flagstone and slate floors, only commercial sealer.
  • A commercial sealer for terrazzo and slate is the best way to seal flagstone or slate floor. You need to apply two coats of an acrylic floor finish right after the sealer dries, using a long-handle wax applicator. Another option is applying paste wax with a special floor-polishing machine. A lot helpful would be a spatula, with which you can spread a little amount of the paste wax on the brushes of the polisher.
  • After time a rewax is unavoidable, as self-polishing liquid tends to build up on the floor. After stripping the wax, use clear water to rinse and apply the new wax.
  • When damp-moping flagstone or slate floors, use clear warm water mixed with all-purpose cleaning solution, or water with fabric softener. If after moping, the floor has a luster-filling film, mop it again, only time use vinegar. It has the ability to make your floor glisten.


Linoleum floors

In order to avoid feet marks and make your floor shine, linoleum needs to be waxed. After that, the only thing you need to do is just vacuum from time to time and occasionally swipe with a damp mop.

  • You can delay waxing as long as possible just by using a cup of vinegar, which brings out the natural shine of the floor.
  • To remove the ever unpleasant heel marks dip a fine-grade steel wool in liquid floor wax. After rubbing the spot gently, wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Linoleum can be softened and damaged by solvent-base products. Don’t flood the floor with water or use very hot water.
  • Polish or a one-step cleaner is your best choice for faster cleaning, but for a better cleaning you would want an all-purpose cleaner. Dissolve it in warm water and after rinsing, apply two coats of self-polishing liquid.


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