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Benefits Of Expert Steam Cleaning Services For Rugs

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s carpet cleaning London services!

Mel Cleaning will help you with tips on rugs cleaning or our cleaning experts can deliver the best steam cleaning services in London area to you office and domestic clients.


Here are some additional tips on what to consider when buying a steam cleaner?


Boiler capacity

A common belief is that the bigger the boiler capacity then the longer will the operation time be. However that strongly depends on the model of the boiler – steaming up can take a minute or half an hour.


Tools and attachments

For specific cleaning services and tasks there are specially designed tools. A great example is the window/tile cleaner which is made with a squeegee blade for wiping away the dirt and grime from the windows when cleaning windows in your London home.


Important part in all this have the window cleaner, the floor cleaner, and of course the jet nozzle, which comes along with a brush or scrapper nozzle attachment, garment steamer attachments and systems for steam unblocking.


Usually the versatility depends on the number of cleaning attachments, most of which you will never use, and are just there to make the system look better.




You should always consider the storage for your cordset, hose and all of the attachments. You can use a special bag for the occasion.




Mobility is always essential when you use a steam cleaner for your floor. The unit needs to be able to move around with ease, or else it could be tiresome and too heavy for you.




It is better for you not to use a hand held unit because you end up holding all the weight. The usage of a lightweight handle is preferable.



Ease of use

Often you are prevented from cleaning the tricky areas from the bulky design of the hand held unit. Also if there is stem control on the cleaner, make sure the system is a simple press and hold instead of a pump system. There are systems which prove hard to fill up and need a special jug or funnel in order to get water into the boiler.



The power of steam

There is one simple secret to steam cleaning – a perfect combination of speed, pressure and temperature. The cleaning effect is so strong that is able to eliminate even the most stubborn stains. The hard to reach areas are no match for the microscopic steam particles. Without the need of any chemical products, it protects the environment and your wallet. There is no chance of any chemical pollution in your home ,as there is no bleach and ammonia smell, no residue.


Steam power is strong enough to give the opportunity to avoid cleaning agents and is great for a child rising environment.


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