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Cleaning and Disinfection Tips – Domestic/Office Cleaners

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In order to keep the germs away from your home, you need to profoundly clean and disinfect the entire place.


Difference between cleaning and disinfecting


There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting, although a lot of people confuse the terms. Cleaning with just plain water and soap is adequate in most cases. It helps you remove most of the germs and dirt. Is some more peculiar cases however, disinfection provides some extra protection and safety.


The appropriate places to disinfect are usually those with higher concentration of germs, because of the possibility of them spreading to other areas. The reason is that disinfectants like household bleach have certain ingredients, which are capable of destroying germs and bacteria. The surface may seem clean and shiny, but in reality who know what may be lurking around. If the conditions are right, some types of bacteria can survive on surfaces for hours and even days.


“Hot zones” in your home


One of the most dangerous places in the house is the kitchen, mainly because of the all types of infectious bacteria found in certain raw foods, such as chicken. And let’s not forget the danger of spreading germs to others, because that is the place where food is prepared. You can never predict the exact location of germs in the house. Once you touch a contaminated surface, you spread it to other surfaces, thus infection other people as well.


Another “hot zone” is the bathroom. If you often clean and disinfect the bathroom, it will help reduce the unpleasant odour and spreading of germs. And let’s not leave out your baby’s diaper pail and changing table.


Best ways for cleaning and disinfection


  • Always read the labels on the cleaning products and solutions, and follow the safety precautions.
  • When cleaning different body fluids, such as vomit, blood, or feces, always use rubber gloves, especially in cases where you have scratches and cuts on your hands. It could be very dangerous if one your family members has some sort of bloodborne illness. Also, it is better to disinfect when you have someone in the house who is sick.
  • For starters, use soap, water and/or another cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface.
  • After cleaning, apply disinfectant to the area, and leave it for a few minutes, depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer. This will help to prolong the contact between the disinfectant and the germs.
  • Wipe the surface, using paper or cloth towels, which can be disposed afterwords.
  • Make sure to store the disinfectants and cleaners away from children’ reach.
  • No matter if you have used gloves, always wash your hands and cleaning and disinfecting.


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