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Carpet Cleaners Can Help You Clean Paint

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s domestic cleaning London services!

Mel Cleaning provides not only the best carpet cleaners and London steam cleaning services, but also the best advices. If you are in desperate need to remove paint from your beloved carpet, we can share with you several helpful methods. If you can’t handle it, you can take advantage of our London professional domestic cleaning services and the best prices.


Here are our tips on the topic:



Only a drop of paint:

If only a tiny drop was spilled on your carpet, let the paint dry and with the help of scissors or a simple razor blade cut the offensive strand and remove it. If you try to remove it from the carpet, you are taking a risk of staining the area and thus causing extra work.



Still wet latex paint:

If only a small amount of latex paint was spilled and it is still wet, use a disposable cloth to absorb as much paint as you can. Don’t smear or rub the paint, or you might make the stain even worse. You can use a simple knife to keep the rest of the paint from spreading. Once you have removed all you can from the stain, scrub the spot using water and laundry soap. Also, try using vinegar or wet vacuum.



A lot more latex paint:

If the quantity of the latex paint is much more, absorb the paint with a rag or towel, after which rub the spot with water and absorb it with a wet vacuum. Continue this movement over and over. After you remove most of the paint use a mix of laundry detergent and water to remove what is left of the paint.



Wet oil passed paint:

If the culprit is oil based paint which also happens to be wet, absorb the paint as much as you can with a towel. After that use acetone, mineral spirits or lacquer thinner to remove what is left from the paint. Put said chemicals on clean rags, but note that they might lead to discolouration of the carpet.



Dry oil based paint:

If there is some dry oil based paint on your carpet, then your average chemicals will not be able to remove it. In such cases use hot steam cleaner in order to detach the paint from the fabric.



Nothing works:

If all of the mentioned  methods don’t work, simply try patching the carpet. If you have another carpet as this one, located in a smaller room or a closet, use then a piece of it to patch the stained area. Maybe it’s a good idea to let a professional do this work in odred to make sure your carpet will be properly seemed, rotated and stretched in the right manner, so the patch will not be visible to other people.


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