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Buying an Iron And The Best Ironing Service

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s London ironing services!

Unless you are one of the few people who take pleasure in ironing, then you would need to know some basic tips to help you find the ideal iron for you and make the process as efficient and as quick as possible so you get on with your life! This is why Mel Cleaning offers you a guide which would help you make the difficult choice of what iron you should use. Of course, our staff is ready do free you from the ironing activities by offering the best domestic ironing service in London, as part of our professional maid service.


Types of iron

Stem iron

These types of irons allow you to easily measure the temperature and output of steam for different fabrics and applications.

  • Quick and easy to heat up
  • There are great for small ironing loads.


Steam generator

This helpful device provides you with a constant high-pressure flow of steam, cutting ironing time by half.

  • More output of the steam, up to 50%
  • Ideal for larger quantities of ironing
  • Great for ironing heavier materials such as denim
  • For optimal results use the steam generator in combination with a mesh ironing board.


Stem Press

If you need to press larger materials like sheets and curtains, use a steam press. It can prevents that unpleasant “shiny” effect produced by irons.

  • Higher steam pressure as well as better penetration of the fabric.
  • Usage of minimum efforts when pressing
  • No shine and a professional finish
  • You can use it on any type of material


Types of steam

  • Variable steam –this is the most common steam control system, which is regulated by moving the slider to your desired level.
  • Vertical steam – is best for garments like dresses and suits or hanging curtains. Make sure you hold the iron slightly away from the garment to avoid scorching.
  • Burst of steam – it helps you to provide steam power instantly and removes the most stubborn creases.
  • Steam pressure – this systems are found in steam generators.


Sole plates

  • Stainless steel plates – it helps with the even distribution of heat. Use polishing to restore it.
  • Ceramic plate – it glides easily and distributes the heat. Its surface is scratch resistant and durable.



Other features

  • Self-clean and anti-calc – it reduces lime scale which is responsible for the clothing of the steam vents.
  • Non drip – it prevents the staining of your garments.
  • Auto shut off – set a desired period of inactivity and the iron shuts down on itself.
  • Length of the cord – it allows you freedom to better movement of the iron
  • Water capacity – the range of the water tanks vary up to 400 ml. some steam generators provide capacity for over 1800 ml of water. If your tank is bigger, you won’t have to lose time in refilling it.


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