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Cleaning Solutions Tips- Lowest Prices, Best Offers

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s domestic cleaners London services!

Mel Cleaning wants to give you the best advices on cleaning solutions as well as the best cleaning offers and and lowest cleaning prices in London.

Here are our useful tips on the cleaning solutions you must choose!

It doesn’t matter whether you live in large house with many rooms or a small cozy apartment, there is an array of cleaning solutions we need in order to scrub clean the entire place. Hand soap, glass cleaner, bleach and baking soda are only a few of the chemical substances you need at your disposal. Messes come in all shape and sizes and these cleaning products will help you in the fight against grime, grease, germs, hard-water buildup, mould, bacteria and much more. Unfortunately there is no magic cleaning solution, suitable for all types of surfaces and dirt. However, there are certain types of cleaners, called all-purpose cleaners which can be helpful for a variety of tasks. When choosing a cleaning solution keep in mind the following questions:


  • What is the type of surface you are cleaning?
  • What is the soil that you want to remove?
  • What are the available substances and solutions?
  • What are the different forms that cleaning solutions come in?
  • Are there any certain special features you’d like your cleaner to have?


Forms, types, usage and safety of cleaning solutions


One of the most important reasons to keep your home clean is probably germs. It’s true that the removal of grime and dirt keeps everything looking clean and good and prolongs the life of various objects, your main goal is to avoid the spread of infection. Of course, you can’t control what comes in your home during the flu season, but there is a chance for to reduce to a minimum the amount of contact you and your family have with germs. Use our helpful guidelines for more specific information on hand, floor, carpet, kitchen and window cleaners.


Bleaches and Alkalis


These are two of the more commonly used cleaning solutions. Some mild solutions, such as baking soda, are very helpful when removing coffee stains and burnt food on dishes, clean the sinks, freshen up the refrigerator and more. Borax and ammonia which are stronger alkali solutions, can be very helpful for similar duty and heavy-duty messes. Ammonia is commonly used for glass cleaners. Usually bleaches are used for the removal of stains on hard surfaces and fabrics, like toilet bowls or countertops. For removing lighter stains and brightening surfaces your best choice are mild bleaches. If you are aiming at removing heavier stains or you wish to disinfect the toilet bowls, use chlorine or similar stronger bleaches.


  • Alkali solutions vary from lightly basic to stringer basic. 
  • Most alkalis are toxic and can damage the skin. They are also irritating for the eyes. 
  • Stringer types of alkalis are quite for cleaning the grease form pans and drains. 
  • Bleaches vary in degrees of strenght.
  • In order to pave the way for new colouring, use wood bleach so you can remove wood staining.


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