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Dust Mites – Bedroom and Mattress Cleaning Services in London

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s after builders cleaning London services!

Mel Cleaning team knows how mites can harm you, so we offer the best mattress cleaning service for your single or double bedroom London house or apartment.


Here are some free tips on dust mites from our team:


Dust mites are commonly known microscopic organisms, which are closely related to ticks and spiders. These little creatures thrive in humid, warm and dark conditions inside fibrous materials in the house -everything from bedding, carpets, upholstered furniture, clothes and stuffed toys. Mites are scavengers, and their main food source is dead skin, falling off animals and humans. Do don’t be surprised that they are most seen around the places, where we usually spend our time.


Coughs, runny noses, sneezing are not caused by mites themselves, but actually from their smaller waste particles. While they feed of the dead skin cells inside our bedding and carpets, their waste particles are stirred up by our every move – tossing around in bed, walking, vacuuming. We inhale them, which results in allergies, stuffy noses and skin problems.


Just the mere thought of these little bugs living in your favorite fluffy pillow by the millions, feasting of your dead skin and hair, is enough to make anyone sick. They are one the major causes for allergies and asthma, especially among children and more vulnerable individuals.   


The spring is the season, which is most aggravating for allergies, made even worse by dust mite infestations. Fall and winter are the time we keep our homes closed, causing a significant increasing of mites and their feces. 



What exactly are dust mites?

They are bugs, invisible to the human eye, and live primarily on dead skin cells from humans and animals. Dust mites don’t carry around diseases, but are very dangerous for people prone to asthma and allergies. They are often confused with bed bugs.


Lounging areas, furniture, mattresses, and carpets are concentrated with scales and skin cells, and are usually the home of great number of mites. Every human sheds off about ten grams of dead skin every week, making a real buffet for mites. Not to mention the dead cells left by your pets.


The average mattress can have up to ten of thousands of mites. Feeling sick already? A square yard of carpet contains about 100 000 mites! Only one of these mites produces over 20 droppings each day, which on the hand contain proteins to which a lot of people are allergic to. The symptoms vary from itchy eyes to severe asthma attacks.



Where do they live?

Their prime habitat is beds. The average used mattress has between 100 000 to 10 million mites. These little bugs love warm and moist surroundings, much like your mattress when you are on it. Dander is their favorite food. Nearly 80 % of the floating material you see in a sunbeam is skin. Also, mite populations are supported by carpeting and household upholstery.



Are they harmful? 

While to most people they are a quite disgusting, they are not very harmful. However, after a variety of studies, the medical significance of mites arises. The reason is behind their feces, which are a number one reason for allergies. High levels of mites and their wastes can cause allergic reactions to people who have never had allergies before. In addition, they can cause nasal polyps growth within your nose!


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