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Child Safe Cleaning For Your Home – Flat or House

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Hello, friends and hopefully future clients of Mel Cleaning’s domestic cleaning London services!


No matter if you live in a London studio, flat or one, two, three, four bedroom home the perfect cleaning is a must if you have babies or small children. Asthma, behavior problems, allergies, even cancer – these are just a small portion of the possible side effects of cleaning products on your children. Especially vulnerable are pregnant mothers and their babies.


Most cleaning products contain very harmful chemicals, which are often not listed on the label. The usual requirements are that only 1% of toxins should be listed. The reason is that these products have no claims about safety. A lot of companies get away with saying they are “trade secrets”, so they can avoid naming them. Most of the labeled “inert” ingredients are a lot more toxic than the actual active ingredients.


When you consider cleaning products, make sure they are:

  • Formulated without dye
  • Biodegradable
  • Nonflammable
  • Not containing acids, ammonia, solvents, alkalis, chlorine, phosphates, nitrates, as well as other organic compounds.


Children at risk

We all know the rate at which children grow and develop. Compared to adults they are a lot more sensitive to different chemicals, given the fact that they breathe, drink and eat in bigger quantities. Small children have the tendency to put all kinds of things in their mouth and crawl on floors, making them prone to accidents with cleaning supplies. There are three main ways, in which children are exposed:

  • Skin contact: skin burns and irritations can appear when children touch cleaners.
  • Inhalation: dust, vapors, fumes and other cleaning supplies, which create danger for their developing lungs.
  • Ingestion: children are often unaware of danger, so they place almost every small object they touch, into their mouth. 

When cleaning:

  • For each used cleaning product first read and follow the instructions
  • Use the cleaning products only when your children are not in the area. As they are not persistent with the environment, the products pose a much smaller threat after they have been washed and stored away.
  • Never mix products and chemicals
  • Always use protective gear, like mask or gloves


Safer cleaning alternatives

  • Baking soda
    • Deodorize refrigerators, carpets, drains, upholstery 
    • Useful as a fabric softener, deodorant and toothpaste
    • Removes stains
    • Extinguishes grease fires


  • Borax
    • Boosting of the detergents’ cleaning power
    • Protects against mildew and mould
    • Effectively kills cockroaches


  • Cornstarch
    • Polishes furniture
    • Window cleaner
    • Excellent shampoo for carpets and rugs


  • Lemon juice
    • Glass cleaner
    • Stain remover from clothes and aluminum


  • Soap
    • Castile soap: shampoos and body soaps
    • Liquid soaps for all purposes: mix the soap in warm water


  • Vinegar
    • Great for window cleaning
    • Removes the metallic taste in coffee pots
    • Dissolves grease, mildew and deodorizes


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